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Prayer points for the church

Ask God to guide and direct the service. 3. Pray for the people who will be speaking or leading during the service. 4. Pray for those who are attending the service. 5. Ask God to bless the offering and the time of worship. 6. Close by asking God to be glorified in all that is done.

4. Arrows from the grave, fired to capture my glory: I AM NOT YOUR CANDIDATE! GO BACK BY FIRE!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS. 5. Strange powers that swallow glory, my life is not your candidate, therefore, DIE!!! IN JESUS' NAME. 6. My glory, if you are sinking or fading, hear now the voice of fire: "ARISE NOW AND SHINE!!!". I want to share 8 more prayer points for church growth besides the 1 2 prayer topics on church growth I have already shared. Beyond these 8 prayer points, we must get ready to deal with every resistance and opposition. Pray that God will deliver us from wicked and unreasonable men. See 2 Thessalonians 3:2.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we decree Your vengeance upon every agent of the devil resisting the continuous growth of this church, and let the effect be evident in all our services this year. Isaiah 63:4 For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come. Father, in the name of Jesus, we destroy every plan and.

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11 Thanksgiving Prayer Points. Prayer Point #1: Thank You, God. Prayer Point #2: Give Peace to the Church Body. Prayer Point #3: Help us be Generous, Lord. Prayer Point #4: Thank You For Health. Prayer Point #5: Release us from Anxiety. Prayer Point #6: Help us to Trust You. Prayer Point #7: Father, You are Faithful. Give thanks for blessings. Thank you, God, for this food we are about to eat. And thank You for Your many blessings on us this past yearthe ones we’ve seen, as well as the ones we haven’t seen. Thank you, God for the times You have said “no.”. They have helped us depend on You so much more.


Amazing Powerful Prayer Points to Start a Church Service. 1. Heavenly Father, Ancient of days, the bright and the Morning Star and the head of the Church, we glorify your holy Name. As we are about to commence today's programme, we beseech your presence that the light of Your face shines upon us all.

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